7+ wks


I hate this. Life is at a screeching halt and it sucks.

They should have locked everyone down right away instead of all willy nilly.

This shit is far from over and the state is already talking about letting businesses open.

This won’t be good.

Day 37


I’m counting “safer at home” days from the time my gym was shut down on Monday March 16. I made a trip to get propane and put gas in my car the next Friday. I still have only used 1/8 of a tank of gas and have barely been on the torch so my propane is full too.

I made a trip the grocery last week… Masks required for everyone. Some people in the store with the mask around their neck or below their nose. Some people don’t understand about staying 6 feet away. I got so upset when I kept moving away from someone and they kept stepping closer. I finally lost it and told them to get the fuck away from me.

Panic the rest of the time in the store. I won’t go again. It was awful.

Better news is I bought myself a spin bike and I’m learning how to workout at home by myself. I think I’m going to call her FiFi because the logo on the wheel is only partially visable on the word “Fit”… You can only see the “Fi”.

I’m still making masks. Check out my mask page here on my blog. I have some that are already made and I’m making them to order as well… I have nose wire coming so I’ll be making the pleated type with ear elastics next week… Probably 2 for $15 so check back again for those.

Stay safe everyone…

Dear Covid Diary


Day 26

This is bullshit. I wish they would just lock everything down all at once and hurry up and get this over with already.

I’ve been staying busy making masks since Monday and candles too…

I’m feeling fat n gross and it’s raining, which means no walking/running. Srsly, this is such crap.

Okay, got my 13 yr old rant out. Back to whatever this life is.

Dear C-19


Honestly I wish I could wake up from this horrible horrible nightmare. The inept moron at the helm is intolerable. If it was any other person at any other job he would never have made it past the person screening resumés. The impending doom is palpable.

I keep losing my blog!


Okay okay, I’m a dipshit.

This is the place I’ll be blogging at. Need to add a widget on my home screen.

Anyway, I’m on day 7 of not having gone any where except to walk around my neighborhood. I miss my gym so much. I’m trying to stay busy and I do have lots to do. But this “safer at home” kinda sucks ass.

I don’t really watch TV, even less now that I’ve discovered podcasts. Mostly true crime… got any favorites??? I’d love to hear about some new ones.

Oh yeah, all my events have been postponed…

My website is still up tho… http://www.primadonnabeads.com

Upcoming Events


Hey there! Just a little note to let you know where I’ll be showing at in 2020.

Online I’ll be selling in a Facebook group called One Sweet Bead Market on January 22, February 11, and March 17. These are each one day shopping events. If you’d like to participate you can join the group here One Sweet Bead Market.

First up is Glass Craft Expo April 3-5 at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have classes starting on April 1, so if your interested in jewelry making, bead making, fusing, etching, almost all things glass, you should check it out.

Next is Uptown Village Market in the Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach, CA. Just one day, May 2 from 11am to 4pm. I’ll have tiny succulents and hand blown glass bubbles with airplants, and who knows what other things I might come up with. Drop by and see.

That’s all for now. If you can’t make it either of these events, you can shop on my website Prima Donna Beads. I’ll be listing more every week. I have lots of stuff!

I lost my blog but now I’m back…


Srsly, it could have been much easier but I figured it out.

Last post was sometime in 2012.  I used to update a lot.  It’s now the end of 2019 and I am going to try to post more often.

Anyway, I have a new webstore… PrimaDonnaBeads.com where I need to fix the blog link…

I closed my physical location about 4.5 yrs ago. I wasn’t sad about it and I only rarely miss it.  I miss the classes and meeting new people.

I only do about 2 or 3 bead shows a year now.  Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas and Whole Bead Show in Oakland.

I’ve started some copper enameling.  Super fun.

Quicky update, weirdly out of the blue I know.

I think that’s about it for now.  Thanks for dropping by!

New Studio, New Blog


Well, not exactly new… Just a new address.  I’ve imported all my Blogspot posts so you won’t miss a thing!

In the next few days I’m going to merge the WordPress with my PrimaDonnaBeads website… I hope!

So stay tuned!   In the meantime, take a gander at the freshly painted and reset up at the new studio!  My friend Dee and I gave it a trial run last Sunday… we had a minor (I hope) glitch with a blown circuit when we plugged the second kiln in… but, I had two fans, the computer and an oxy con plugged in too.  So, hopefully this can be remedied fairly easy.  Cross your fingers for me =)

Work stations!

Gearing up!


So between now and November 2, I have 4 bead shows and workshop scheduled.  Nuts?  Maybe.

But my new studio is shaping up nicely… I can find most of my stuff now!  I’m going to start taking all of my jewelry making supplies in and boxing them in color families instead of “seed beads”, “lucite beads”, etc.  Instead each box will have all the blues, reds, pinks, etc. regardless of what kind of bead it is.  This should make things a bit easier since I don’t always remember that I have pink pearls in the pearl container.

I plan on making more finished jewelry.  At least to have as samples of what I do with my beads.  I know it’s hard for some to picture in their mind what to do with them, especially hard for newbie jewelry makers.

The shop is still being unpacked, slowly but surely… actually I think things are moving along nicely.  It’s been almost 4 weeks since we moved everything in.  I could never thank my friends Amy and Dean… and my hubby Jeff for getting it all moved lightening fast!  =)

Here’s a piece of eye candy for ya, I made it yesterday, in my new studio =)